Sunday, August 19, 2007

WBW #36 Roundup and #37 Theme Announced

Finally on the road to recovery after a bout of back spasms, Lenn Thompson of LennDevours has posted the roundup from WBW #36: Get Naked. You’ll find write-ups, including mine on the Saint-Véran “Tirage Précoce” of Domaine Corsin, from over 30 authors regarding unoaked Chardonnays from around the globe.

Next month’s edition, scheduled for September 12 and being hosted by Dr. Vino, will focus on wines based on obscure, indigenous grape varieties. It’ll be a perfect opportunity to skip the big boys and reach for something new or unusual. Bonus points are on offer for write-ups that feature the same vine from two different areas: one ancestral and one transplanted. I’m already considering the options…. This one should be fun.

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