Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Totally Wired

Back from a very long day's journey to New York, attending not just one but two grand tastings. If I can muddle anything coherent together from my notes, the day's events may just be worthy of a post or two. At the moment though, Mark E. Smith's words pretty well sum up the way I feel. Totally wired.


Wicker Parker said...

So I opened a tensile Savennières tonight (Baumard 01) and what do I find here? Your apt audio corollary, The Fall. Although I did not follow Mark E. Smith's lead and chew gum while my mouth was otherwise occupied.

Little_Jewford said...

I'm digging that a posting on wine tastings is labeled "The Fall"....want to here more about the trip

David McDuff said...

Savennières and The Fall, eh? I seem to recall such a cross-reference elsewhere, WP. Good call on the gum chewing I might add. Never a good idea when wine tasting. Besides, good Loire Chenin is cleansing enough -- and Savennières is sometimes even minty.

This was really more about my state of mind and body after the tastings than about the tastings themselves. Some details of the trip should appear posthaste.

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