Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Results Are In

The big question -- should I continue with the "Coming Soon" ticker in the sidebar here at MFWT -- has been answered. Polls closed at midnight yesterday and the final votes in our inaugural survey have been tabulated and confirmed as follows:

12 for "It stays"
1 for "It goes"
13 for "I never noticed it in the first place."

That's a whopping 26 votes -- not exactly a stellar voter turnout but I suppose it could have been worse. The majority having gone by a hair to those who'd never even noticed the section would seem to support one commenter's suggestion that most blog readers ignore the stuff in the sidebars and just focus on primary content. However, the 12:1 ratio of for vs. against votes clearly suggests victory for the incumbent practice.

So, fair readers, the Coming Soon section remains, at least until I tire of trying to maintain the illusion of democracy.... My thanks go out to all who participated. Here's a little tuneage to help kick-off the post-polling festivities.


Joe said...

not quite London Calling or Rock the Casbah, but a damn fine tune...

David McDuff said...

This seemed to fit best with the theme, is all. If I'd really wanted to revel in the glory of The Clash, I would have gone back at least to London Calling.

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